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The Concept of a Home Owner's Association As The Perfect Representation of a Libertarian Government Which Dick Insists It's Not So Vote It Down -3897
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I finally brought in that ever-amorphous political theory, and the most consistently pushed agenda from 50% of this show: Libertarian Theory. Dick got so mad he threw a pen at me. My problem went on long, so don’t hold that against Dick. He also wanted to bring in Home Owner’s Associations in as a separate problem, which it totally deserves to be, hence the renaming of my second problem.

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Here’s the cat meme about Libertarians that I mentioned on the show:

Found on: http://ventrellaquest.com/tag/libertarians-are-like-cats/

Here’s the header of the main website for the Libertarian Party, lp.org. Pretty good slogan, but instead of “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom,” why not “Maximum Fun!” It’s the party of eating your cake and still having it:


My favorite bits from the platform: no mandatory education for kids! Parents should decide how–or if–their kids should be educated. Let’s extend that philosophy to vaccinations! In fact, they do just that: “We recognize the freedom of individuals to determine … the medicines and treatments they will use and all other aspects of their medical care.” Cool! How about, “Minimum Government, Maximum Measles!” Source linked below.

But by far my favorite part of the website is the “Libertarian Solutions” section, which purports to show Libertarian candidates explaining how Libertarian Solutions make your life better… except the section is empty:


Here’s the animation made by Mercatus Center showing some of the freest states. Poor New York always dead last! I hope they can rid themselves of all those regulations that are causing people to not want to live and work there:

And here’s the podcast for our SoundCloud listeners:

Thumbnail credit: Jack Tubbs
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Libertarian Party – Libertarian Party platform
Freedominthe50states.org – The 50 states ranked by “policies that shape personal and economic freedom.” Utah made #10 on the overall list!
Libertarian Party – Here’s the Libertarian Party “solutions” page that’s empty.
Ventrellaquest.com – Cat comic

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