Episode 76

Episode 76 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster


Zombie Apocalypse Planners 1318
Halloween Not Being Recognized as a National Holiday 760
Zombies 499
Haunts -583
See All the Problems...

This episode we are joined by our very spooky friend, Roger Barr from I-Mockery.com. Roger’s the foremost authority on all things Halloween and he’s working on a badass new game:

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And speaking of, here’s that CSI: NY clip we talked about on the show. This is my film debut. We were on set for 12-14 hours for this clip:

And here’s my new episode I talked about in this episode:

And finally, here’s the long-awaited Smash Brothers video that we teased around 10 episodes ago:

And here’s the podcast for our SoundCloud listeners:

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