Episode 68

Episode 68 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.


People Who Can't Cook 1798
Toddlers 1753
See All the Problems...

This week’s problems are both subsets of bigger problems: “People Who Can’t Cook” is a subset of anti-intellectualism, and “Toddlers” is a subset of “Babies,” since not all babies survive it to toddler age, whatever age that may be. Also, whoever wagered his life savings to see a video of a shitty self-checkout machine not working, send me an email at [email protected] because I’m going to take you to the cleaners. The metaphorical ones when I clean out your bank accounts, and the literal when you shit your pants when you realize I have multiple videos.

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Also, thanks to @asterios for calling in this week. And a big thanks to Tom Phillips and Denzel Walkes from http://www.gameobliterator.biz/ for calling in all the way from Germany to give us his report.


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Tom Phillips’ score:
“Breaking In” – Boxcat Games

YouTube – People who can’t cook is a problem from a new video I’m making. Coming soon…

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