Episode 67

Episode 67 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Self-Defeating Thoughts 3383
Cheating 2164
Too Long Shorts -1180
See All the Problems...

Cheating can be a problem, but the biggest cheating you can do is to yourself with self-defeating thoughts. Buy tickets to my new life-coaching seminar. Also, too long of a shorts. I’m also teaching a seminar on indefinite articles.

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We didn’t get a chance to talk about it in this episode, but listener William Riding sent this in:

William_Riding_Maddox and Dick get their hands on the crown jewels
(Click for larger image)

Shorts – https://www.flickr.com/photos/bestfor/2366699632

Thanks to James Gàrlánd for the intro problems.

Psychology Today – An article that’s so poorly-written that I almost didn’t link to it. But there are still a few nuggets of useful insight within.
TheBolde.com – Self-defeating thoughts you have when you’re single

Uninformed Opinions

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