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Lenses 787
NASA 758
Cans 399
Generosity 278
See All the Solutions...

This is our biggest bonus episode yet, with special guest, Dick’s man Steve stopping by. Plus, an astronomical solution: NASA. We also had a call in from our sneaky Greek friend of the show, Asterios to introduce our celebrity shame pool. The rules are simple:

1. Pick a celebrity who you think will be shamed next (shaming includes accusations of racism, misogyny, trans-misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, imperialism, colonialism, anti-nationalism, ableism, ageism, speciesism, etc).
2. The celebrity must be shamed in a large media outlet, or reach some kind of critical mass. No politicians, since they are constantly being attacked for everything.
3. Previous incidents of shaming don’t count.


Here’s a spotlight on some awesome fan art by Stephen Ballou:


Thumbnail courtesy of: Jack Tubbs
Thumbnail sources:
Flickr – Dustbuster

HowStuffWorks – NASA’s 10 greatest achievements – Spinoff technology we have due to NASA. Correction: NASA did not invent LED technology, they found new applications for it.
Wikipedia – Secular church of Kopimism

There was some confusion about when the bonus episodes come out. It’s always the first Monday of every month. So here’s a calendar to assuage any confusion:


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