Episode 58

Episode 58 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

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See All the Problems...

We’ve got a heavy topic this week that seems light-hearted at first, but boy are you in for a surprise of the bloviating kind. But as of this writing, the “80mph” video mentioned in this episode has over 1.2 million downloads with 4,787 votes of approval:

Plus my buddy Tom Phillips stops by with his E3 roundup. Plus my own recap of E3 at the top of the show. Speaking of, here’s the video I mentioned:

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Here’s the fan art we talked about during this episode:
By Mr. Gobun

By James Callan Click the image/link for the full comic.

Thumbnail credit: Eliazar Tatar
Thumbnail sources:
Party Guy

Asterios-I mean, Tom Phillips bits:
“Breaking In” – Boxcat Games

Newsweek – The ignorance of Americans
NBC News – Science comes from the pit of hell
National Journal – Snowballs exist, therefore global climate change does not. Local maxima and minima? What’s that?!?
Psychology Today – Anti-Intellectualism is killing America

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