Episode 57

Episode 57 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

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See All the Problems...

We’ve got two 800-lb gorillas of problems this week where Dick and I put up a rare united front to the afront of the outrage-army. Plus the other 800-lb gorilla: people who eat soy. More specifically, soy itself. I’ll bring in the people another time.

Here is my Twitch channel. I kept saying “twitch dot com” when it’s actually “twitch dot tv:”

Could there be a Street Fighter Alpha 2 competition in the works? Sounds like a question only a pro gamer can answer.

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Here’s the fan art we talked about during this episode:
By Gorepump

By Rob Hyde

And finally, here’s that Chet Hanx quote:

Awesome Thumbnail credit: Eliazar Tatar
Thumbnail sources:
Flickr – Flag
Flickr – Knights
Flickr – Castle

Oxford Journal of Medicine – Soy makes your sperm weak.
Men’s Health – Some of the negative effects of soy.
WebMD – A lot of the claims here don’t have external sources, so take them with a grain of salt. Or drop of soy sauce.
Journal of Personality & Social Psychology – Women who are told to “ask” for a raise do so as opposed to women who are told to “negotiate” for one, p607.

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