Episode 59

Episode 59 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

Selfie Stick 1522
No Fumar 187
See All the Problems...

It’s a big week for marriage of the gay kind (so just marriage). Dick makes an indecent proposal, plus I share a bit of sad news.

And speaking of sad news, like a Phoenix rising from BBQ-flavored ashes made of porcelain, our producer Randy fixed the Ash figure that Butt Sanchez sent us back in Episode 52. It’s as good as new. I even thought Randy might have purchased a new one to replace it. Nope, turns out he’s just an alchemist:


Plus we get a visit from Asterios and not Tom Phillips from GameObliterator.biz. Speaking of, here’s Tom’s website for all you non-believers:

Special thanks to Denzel Walkes.

Thumbnail sources:
by Jack Tubbs

HawaiiNewsNow.com – Hawaii Raises Smoking Age
Cancer.org – Why do people start smoking
PBS.org – Real Reasons behind Smoking Bans, Ronald Bayer, a professor at Columbia (same school as the Ghostbusters)
Stanford – “Evidence” of the Dangers of Outdoor Smoking
New York Times – NY Times dubs the selfie-stick the “Narcissistick.”

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