Episode 43 + LIVE #3

Episode 43 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

The Biggest Problem in the Universe – LIVE #3 of 4:

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Chump Syndrome 2085
Spoiler Cry Babies 1262
The Pronoun "They" 273
People Who Turn Left -432
Having Sex In Weird Places -1702
See All the Problems...

Spoiler alert: if you care about spoilers, you’re an idiot and your children won’t get into a good college. In this episode, I make a case for how left turns cause terrorism and Dick reminisces about his man and the Duke & Dutchess of weed. Speaking of, here are a few of those Sean memes:

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Thanks to @HeroGreg

Watch LIVE Episode #3 by clicking on the link I mentioned eight words ago in this sentence. Three down, one to go.

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Here are the pictures of fat people made skinny from Reddit’s FatsoShop thread:




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Here’s the dashcam footage that listener Zach Garness sent in where a car loses control and fishtails (probably turning left) while he was listening to The Biggest Problem in the Universe in the background:

And here’s Wauterboi’s song we played at the end of this episode.

Finally, Bonus Episode 5 and the great Oculus Rift debate is now available on iTunes.

PubMed – Manuka honey shits all over Dick’s superbug problem. Maybe.
USA Today – No left turn: Companies try to save fuel as prices rise
Washington Post – The case for almost never turning left while driving
Bloomberg – UPS Makes no left turns in quest to deliver sustainability

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