Episode 42 + LIVE #2

Episode 42 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

The Biggest Problem in the Universe – LIVE #2:

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Student Loans 4181
Fit Shaming 2383
Superbugs 1433
Hotdog Truthers 1033
People Who Complain About What Others Are Doing On Social Media -175
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The backlash to “fat shaming” seems to be “fit shaming,” which is abjectly stupid. I could spend all day eating overpriced steak while standing in line at the Apple store and hammering nails into my pee-hole, and fit-shamers would still be dumber. Also, Dick doubles down on his non-theory about allergens, and doesn’t like to read NPR or any other news source.

I also get yelled at for fact-checking as a side effect of Dick’s powerful anti-fact antibodies. Despite that, I was correct about the life-expectancy rate around the turn of the century (sources below), as well as the BBC article about peanutbutter, the NPR article about the new antibiotic that kills superbugs. I’m right about everything.

Also, the Live episode #2 is live.

Easter Egg:

At the end of this episode, I went on a rant about “lucid dreaming” and mentioned an article I wrote but never posted. It’s actually available on my server, and the URL is pretty obvious if you look for it. If anyone finds the article, I’ll post it here and give you a shout-out. Well that was fast. Listener Justin Main found the article almost immediately after this episode went live. So as promised, here it is, my previously unpublished article titled: “Lucid Dreaming is a waste of time” – http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=lucid_dreaming

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Here’s the picture from the Brazzers porn, “Tour of London: Part Two,” that a fan sent in to compare to my jacket from the live episode:


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NPR – The NPR article that shits all over Dick’s problem this week.

BBC – Children who started eating peanuts earlier in life had allergy levels 10 times lower than children who didn’t. So I guess it’s crazy to extend this theory to other allergens or drugs we’re exposed to, even though it applies to hot sauce, martial arts and caffeine.
Berkeley – Life expectancy by decade

FDA – Petri Dish
NIAID – Bacteria

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