Bonus Episode 5


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Anonymous Comments 614
Addresses 528
Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality 163
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I have some dire predictions about a dystopian future hellscape where the world is ruled by a class of virtual people guarded by patsies and machines who enslave dumb people to produce raw materials to feed our brains. Illustrator Clay Rodery made the kickass thumbnail for this. I seem to be the only person who sees the full potential benefit and risk of “Oculus Rift” or similar technology.

Also, want some facts about soap that are probably from the CDC, NHS.UK or other government website that Dick simultaneously cites but doesn’t trust? Here’s Global Soap, an organization that sends soap to people.

Last bonus episode, we played Biggest Problem Bingo that listener @CallDaCopsIDGAF made, but a number of you were too lazy to make your own card, so another listener, @Subtlebots, created randomized version of it. Just click “New Board” at the top to play along. The current board is updated with references to this episode. It’s pretty badass:


The incredible thumbnail was created by: Clay Rodery, Illustrator.

And finally, here are some sources mentioned:

Global Soap –
Wikipedia – A boring, but important page about addresses – When and how to wash your hands, written for 3-year-olds, or the only people who would Google something like that.
Wikipedia – Ignaz Semmelweis

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