Episode 65

Episode 65 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock and Laurie Foster


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Death 1584
See All the Problems...

Well, I called it. There was some cheating with the votes in the Dropbox episode, number 63 and probably 64 with the “Piss Driblets” episode. That’s what making the show about a “contest” does. It encourages cheese-dick cheating and turns this show into a cheese-dick game show. Don’t cheat with the vote, idiots. It ruins the show. That’s why I keep stating it’s not a contest, because turning it into one will encourage bullshit like this.

That aside, I finally brought in what is, to date, the biggest problem in the universe: death. Also, Dick has a problem with hoverboard hoaxes. Special thanks to Casper for sponsoring this episode. Go to https://casper.com/biggest and use the promo code “biggest” to get $50 off, or don’t and pay $50 more.

Plus we received another care package from our transcriber and friend of the show, Laurie Foster! She went all-out this time and sent us a ton of cool shit:


Listeners of this show can get the entire 1st volume for just $5 using promo code “biggestproblem”. Check it out here: http://www.super-comic.com/biggest/ And the Patreon link is http://www.patreon.com/supercomic

Here’s that jet pack video I talked about. I don’t know why this technology isn’t more modern. It’d be trivial to correct for pitch and yaw shifts using computers and micro propulsion bursts using computers to compensate for tilt, much like a Segway corrects for tilt. Yeah, I just invented that. Genius.

And here’s that “A too small of a face for my head man” art we received:


Awesome thumbnail by: Jessica Safron
She’s the same illustrator who made that awesome fan art of me macking with Mary from Quartet a few episodes back. Check out her web comic at https://satanninja.com/

NY Times – Spicy food leads to longer life
Wikipedia – Death is more of a process than an event.
Journal of Medical Ethics – Death and Organ Donation: Back to the Future

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