Episode 61

Episode 61 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.


Wage Theft 3138
People Texting in Public Walkways 2001
Stoner Marketing 393
See All the Problems...

If you guys hated horses last episode, you’re going to hate hoarseness even more this one as my voice has been ravaged by Comic-Con 2015. Plus, more acrid debating this episode. I don’t know how, but Dick found a way to disagree with everything I had to say this episode. That’s like a plot twist that nobody saw coming because it’s not a plot twist. Plus two new songs, wage theft, and a blurb about Comic-Con.

Plus here’s the shitty Sonic the Hedgehog made by a guy named after a headache medicine, olomerol:


And finally, here’s that a capella song Dick played at the beginning of this episode in case you guys want to have your day ruined with a really shitty song that has absolutely no redeeming qualities:

And the completely true and very funny “Small Face Dick” song.

Is Matt Bahr a bad enough dude to fight Maddox? You be the judge:

Thumbnail by: Eliazar Tatar
Thumbnail sources:
Burglar, Money fan, Office, Money drain, Money roll

Taco Bell – Taco Bell’s menu that has items with 420 calories in them. Subtle, like a jackhammer.
TheFix – Marketing the Munchies
Wikipedia – The magnitude of wage theft
Forbes – Here’s what white collar wage theft looks like.
Gainesville.com – Push is on for local wage theft ordinance.
Pando.com – High-tech wage theft
TriplePundit.com – Source for the $9 billion estimate

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