Episode 54

Episode 54 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.
People Who Complain About Being Cold All The Time, Perfectionists, Forest Fires

Perfectionism 2355
People Who Complain About Being Cold All The Time 1143
Forest Fires 588
See All the Problems...

This week, idiots who are too hot and idiots who are too cold. I bring in a problem and a potential solution to that problem in the same episode (though still a problem in its own right). Dick and Sean walked right into my trap that I baited them with this episode.

Plus, we reveal that Shifty Sean actually did bring in a problem for our 1-year-anniversary, but the problem mysteriously got deleted. Who could have done it? What happened? We’ll find out soon enough…

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In case you missed the announcement last episode, here’s the book announcement. Thumbnail Credit: Jack Tubbs

WildfireToday – Some surprisingly robust statistics about forest fires
FEMA – Some cool deathly statistics about forest fires.

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