Bonus Episode 8



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Critical Thinking 2209
Boxes 747
Cuteness 146
The Corporation -172
See All the Solutions...

This month Dick and I have some deeply philosophical conversations about boxes, and we learn what the sound of an adult man’s ovaries expanding sounds like.

Plus a discussion about what may be the actual biggest solution in the universe (critical thinking) and more clips from the long-lost Sean problem that he brought in during our anniversary episode, but it mysteriously got deleted.

Here is Dick’s cameo in Dick Tracy:

Maddox’s perfect wife in the Oculus Rift:

And if you would like to see the rhinoceros dick referenced in the show, you know where to find it.

Finally, here are some sources mentioned:

Apple LTD – 95% of products in the US are shipped with boxes.
Brain Stuff – Interesting information about how boxes are engineered.
Cute Aggression – Why you want to destroy cute things.
Cuteness and Productivity – Dick’s ovarian cute science

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