Episode 37

Episode 37 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

No Fun League 920
The Travel Bug 877
Overpriced Vintage Clothing 36
See All the Problems...

We are joined by comedy writer Nathan Buckley this week. He’s written a bunch of stuff, but the pinnacle of his career may very well be writing for The Biggest Problem in the Universe: Live Show. Here’s his badass Twitter account: @duplicitron.

Also, another new “On This Day in Shitstory” by everyone’s most mysterious contributor, Boisterous Coconuts

I snuck the problem of moths into my “overpriced vintage clothing” problem. You’re welcome. Here’s the fan art by @danielwarren86 that we talked about on the show. Dick vs Dick. Who will win? My money’s on Dick:

@danielwarren86 B710-GJIAAAF_S4

Dailymail.co.uk – The threat of moths ruining your life is increased by up to 75% by vintage clothing
NCRP.org – CEO of Portland’s Goodwill takes pay cut.
Wikipedia – Goodwill’s orgy of executive compensation.


Listener @CallDaCopsIDGAF made this awesome Bingo-card for this week’s episode:


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