Episode 25

Episode 25 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock & Laurie Foster

Episode 25

Pyramid Schemes / Herbalife 4402
Pennies 2087
Cop Motorcycle Fairings -413
Catcalling -1049
See All the Problems...

Exciting news: our first-ever BONUS EPISODE is launching tomorrow available now! Dick finally mans up and accepts my hot sauce challenge, and we have a supercut of our very first unaired pilot that we recorded over 2 years ago. I sound like I haven’t aged a day… ever. As in, I sounded just like I did when I was a baby, which is exactly how I sound today.

Here’s the NPR piece about the Problem With Pennies and the cool Coinflation.com website to see how worthless your money is.

And here’s poor Larry David getting harassed just for walking down the street:

And finally, here’s the ABC News piece I referenced on this episode:

Thanks to listener Nik Berger for the “pennies” suggestion.

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