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Meat 2020
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To commemorate the launch of The Biggest Solution in the Universe, we’ve included a supercut of our first-ever unpublished pilot (one of the “lost 6” episodes). I also called Dick out for being too much of a (|) for not taking my hot sauce challenge, so he finally stepped up to the plate and here’s part of the aftermath:


Listener Brad N sent in this fan art with his prediction of what happened. We finally settled the debate once and for all in this episode:


Here are the astounding stats on how 15 shipping containers are polluting more than every car in the world combined and how shutting down one nuclear plant has set California back by 20 years of carbon emissions. But if you want to read about a real solution to the world’s problems, here’s that Live Science article about how meat was necessary for the development of mankind. And here’s a killjoy article shitting on Dick’s nuclear solution.

But enough pseudo-solutions (pseu-lutions?), here’s that Daigo clip of him kicking ass in Street Fighter III:

And finally, if you want to have your own hot sauce drinking contest with your friends, and then try to read the shameless ramblings of an entitled millennial dipshit, here’s her obnoxious Uber review.


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