Episode 17

Episode 17 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster


Nepotism 3445
Parents Television Council 2920
Shitty Passengers 2222
Jennifer Lawrence's Tits -2523
See All the Problems...

Check out these nepotistic douchebags hiring everyone in their family for a job. The shittiest employee at every job is usually the boss’ son/daughter/nephew. So if you downvote this problem, you enjoy having shitty, inept co-workers.

Here’s the Ad Week article about the Parents Research Council losing funding, along with their attempt to regulate YouTube. And here’s the New York Times article I referenced about them trying to cancel $#*! My Dad Says.

And here’s Gawker’s hypocritical double standard about celebrity nudes. Special thanks to Angelo Vildasol for the badass king-head illustration.

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Reader Seth Johnson sent this clip in from “A Bronx Tale:”

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