Episode 16

Episode 16 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock


Game Post-Purchases 3239
Cold Lasers 2891
Game Pre-Purchases 2738
Missing Your Fantasy Football Draft -4257
See All the Problems...

Here’s the insane amount of editions for Watch Dogs in case you give a shit about a baseball cap or a map of Chicago.

A number of people have asked about the voicemail number. We haven’t given it out on the episode because we want people to stumble upon it on the site as a little experiment. It’s not exactly hidden. You can find it if you look.

This is the part where I’d link to some studies or something, but turns out there aren’t studies about missing your Fantasy Football Draft because nobody gives a shit.

And here’s a quote from a paper about cold laser therapy from an actual health insurance company:

there is inadequate evidence of the effectiveness of cold laser therapy… Source

Not that you need them to spell it out because the list of things that it remedies is longer than the ingredients in a Big Mac.

Uninformed Opinions

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