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Income-based Fines 1517
Malala Yousafzai 1087
Beer 987
Ask for a raise 602
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In this, our second ever bonus episode, we talk about a real-life badass who took a bullet in the face by the Taliban to stand up for what she believes in. Suri Cruise wears makeup powder on her face. Malala wears gun powder. Here’s the ABC News clip with a helpful 3D graphic in case you couldn’t visualize a bullet going through a child’s face.

And here’s the full clip of Angelo’s mom angrily ranting about Dick being a dick:

Dick still fails to phrase his solution in a way that neatly fills in the blank, “The biggest solution in the universe is: __________.” And speaking of Dick, here’s the CBS News article about the easiest way to get a promotion.

But enough nonsense about beer and raises to make money so you can buy more beer, here’s the meat & potatoes of this episode: the guy who was fined $962,000 for driving 180mph (290 km/h). And it turns out that although this hasn’t reduced instances of speeding or petty crime, Finnish drivers don’t mind income-based fees because it’s about equity, not about crime reduction. Poor people shouldn’t be punished harder for the same crime. Unless that crime is against me, in which case their punishment will be doled out in two equal parts with my left and right fist right into their stupid criminal mouths.

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