Episode 82

Episode 82 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock and Laurie F.


Daylight Saving Time 2161
The Inability to Disconfirm 1592
Slippery Slope Arguments 1339
Walking -1962
See All the Problems...

Less than 24 hours after the Great Apple Taste Test-Off and Maddox is already crying foul. If you want know what happened, and also find out which type of apple is scientifically mealy as fuck, pull out your credit card and buy Biggest Solution in the Universe, Bonus Episode 13 now.

Who invented Daylight Saving Time? If you guessed Hitler, you would be factually incorrect, but you wouldn’t be wrong.

Daylight Saving Time is the biggest sham perpetrated on the civilized world since those elongating dick pills swarmed late night TV ads in the 90s. We were all curious about them. There’s no shame in that.

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Imagine a world where you can drive home from work in the pitch black, feel hungover and jet lagged even though you didn’t do anything fun, and crash your car way more and also have a shitload more heart attacks. If that sounds good to you, welcome to planet Earth, where we collectively fuck up our clocks and our sleep schedules twice a year because someone told us to. Who needs the Milgram experiment? We have Daylight Savings Time.

Nifty DST charts!
Current DST
Abolished DST
All the time DST
Source: Andy Woodruff

After my surly rant, Maddox teaches us about slippery slopes and how they’re turning everyone into Hitler. I bring in walking, an activity enjoyed by babies, dogs and alleged pedophiles. James Callan’s talented ass sends us a comic combining two topics that get him “rock hard”, titled “Attack of the Libertarian Apple Consortium.”

Finally, Maddox presents the “inability to disconfirm” as a plague on critical thinking and productive political discourse–and he’s probably right, but what no one can disconfirm is how bad ass my Christmas tree looks:
trump on a tree

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Registerguard.org – Slippery Slopes in the news: “Zero tolerance on hate speech a slippery slope”
CNBC – Another example: “Obamacare’s slippery slope to a single payer system”
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