Episode 45

Episode 45 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster
Welcoming Sign To Utah

Penis Injuries 2764
Utah 2631
Mars One 2534
Loud Talkers 2373
See All the Problems...

Love overbearing governments, nothing to do and anal? Utah might be for you. Plus, Dick breaks his penis and I eat a steak with a dash of barf.

Here’s that clip from Boiler Room I mentioned in this episode:

“We could use you at a two.”

And here’s the bingo game again if you want to play along while listening:


Update: The 3kHz hum has been fixed. It was filtered out and shoved up someone’s ass.

Here’s Greg Simon’s full song played this episode: “If He Could Turn Back Time: Dick vs Dick”

Purdue Review – Defining Conservatism
Thrillist – Some of the crazy drinking laws in Utah
Harris Polls – Loud talkers ranks #2 on the list of annoyances
Medium – Mars One “Scam” and the full story

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