Episode 40 + LIVE #1

The wait is over: The Biggest Problem in the Universe – LIVE #1:

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Episode 40 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Newscasterbation 2304
Ethnic Cleansing 2266
Other People Shitting In Your Toilet Who Are Not You 878
Nerd Culture -149
People Who Love To Sleep -732
See All the Problems...

First: this episode was delayed, the live episode was delayed, everything is delayed. The reason is because we ran into some technical hurdles for legal clearance because it turns out it was too awesome. It’s a bunch of technical bullshit that nobody cares about, not even us, but the episode is coming either late tonight or early tomorrow morning (Feb 18). If it doesn’t, I’ll shave Dick’s eyebrows as punishment.

The live episode is live.

This episode we hear more stupid Titanic bullshit, along with a fan-made Titanic song by Grant Mooney, which is among the worst things I’ve ever heard (up there with babies and the laughter of children). Then we hear a cool song by Jiggity Smith. And our favorite segment, “On this day in Shitstory” makes a return thanks to Boisterous Coconuts.

WebMD.com – The risks of oversleeping, which include death, diabetes and being an idiot.
ABC News – Christiane Amanpour biography – she’s one smart cookie.

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