Episode 38

Episode 38 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock

Ghostbusting the Patriarchy 2618
Type 2 Diabetes 2301
Black Income Disparity 1697
Automatic Hand Dryers 1111
See All the Problems...

If you haven’t listened to these episodes past the outro, you’re missing out–bro. we’ve been adding extra voicemail to the end of each episode. This time a fan, Tim Johns, sent in a “spicy erotic audio book” clip called “Changing the Sheets.” It’s an erotic adventure starring yours truly, Dick and a special Boisterous cameo.

Also, prepare to be bummed out with a real problem. You idiots got what you asked for. Dick has a great problem for wrong reasons (full disclosure: opinion just expressed is not necessarily that of Dick’s), and I make a strong case for why automatic hand dryers are a bigger problem than diabetes. That is, unless you don’t think going deaf and breathing gallons of bacteria into your lungs is a problem.

CNN – Black and White inequality stats
CNN – The stat that made Sean do a double take
Restroomdirect – Hand dryer noise levels
Tork.com – Hand dryers increase bacteria-forming colonies on hands by up to 254% according to a University of Westminster study


Here is Tim Johns’ erotic masterpiece “Changing The Sheets” without the commentary track.

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