Episode 30

Episode 30 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Pedophiles 3121
Goofy Lightsabers 145
Audiophiles -350
See All the Problems...

Big episode about the two worst kind of “philes,” specifically the audio and pedo kind. This is an important episode. Especially Dick’s insight into goofy fictional swords. I’m posting all of the sources cited in this episode at the bottom of the post this time because I still think the constant stream of links peppered throughout articles are annoying and distracting.

So in order of appearance, here are the sources cited:
BBC: How Many Men are Pedophiles?
The Daily Beast: What Science Reveals About Pedophilia
Gizmodo: Audiophile Deathmatch: Monster Cables vs. a Coat Hanger
NPR: Why vinyl sounds better than CD, or not.
Vox: Vinyl’s great but it’s not better than CDs
Wikipedia: Nyquist Shannon Theorem
JSTOR: Florida State Study

And finally, here’s a great video describing why I’m right, and why everyone who thinks vinyl is a superior music format is a slope-headed, subhuman, neanderthal moron:

And in case you missed it, here’s the submission form for tickets to our first-ever live show on the 19th.

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