Bonus Episode 7


Riots, The Apple Watch, Dumb People, Polio
Riots, The Apple Watch, Dumb People, Polio

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Polio 354
Riots -1018
Dumb People -1226
The Apple Watch -1846
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This month’s bonus show is a spicy one where 50% of the show’s hosts think outcomes are related to justifications. Plus we have a lively debate about what a huge piece of shit The Apple Watch is. Those may or may not be my opinions. Only one way to find out! Plus, Dick brings in a solution with a twist, like some kind of fruity cocktail.

Regarding the Martin Luther King quote I mentioned on this episode, I couldn’t find it and I think it’s probably a misattributed quote I read somewhere.


Though Martin Luther King was fundamentally opposed to violent protest, he has this quote about riots:

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Finally, here are some sources mentioned:

Wikipedia – 1933 Wisconsin Milk Riots
Wikipedia – 1919 Race Riots of Chicago – One of the first drive-by shooting incidents during the Chicago Riots
New York Times (1919) – New York Times article about the fires set during the 1919 riots
New York Times (1919) – The Haynes Report and Gov. Lowden’s study

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