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In this episode, Dick takes the wine-tasting challenge because he thinks that, in general, the more you pay, the higher the quality you receive in life. So I put him to the test in a double-blind wine-tasting challenge. The wines tested were:

A – Failla 2012, Pinot Noir, $35.99
B – Folk Machine 2013, Pinot Noir, $18.00
C – Pinot Evil 2011, Pinot Noir, $7.99
D – Folk Machine 2013, Pinot Noir, $18.00
E – Hey Mambo 2011, Red Blend, $9.99
F – Failla 2012, Pinot Noir, $35.99

We doubled up the two most expensive wines on the list to see if Dick could either determine that he was drinking the same wine twice, or if he could determine which wine was most expensive. He passed with flying colors, if those colors are varying shades of gray. The “Hey Mambo” was the only non-Pinot Noir tested and was thrown in because it’s one of my favorite wines and consistently gets praise from people I’ve served it to. True story: I received a text from the host of the dinner party I mentioned in this episode the day after we recorded, and she raved about this wine. I gave the taste-test to two other friends after airing this episode, one of whom correctly picked the wines in order, and both loved the red blend too. Dick thinks it tastes like cigarettes.

And here’s The Biggest (annoyed grunt) in the Universe that we played from this episode:

And finally, here are some sources mentioned:

Glamour Magazine UK (NSFW) – Kiera Knightley Poses Topless

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